Best Kids Bedroom Design Ideas – Décor & Designing

Here is a list of the ultimate kids room design ideas to turn your child’s bedroom into a magical wonderland: 

Whether you’re dealing with a furious seven-year-old football enthusiast or a pre-teen princess fascinated with all things glam, decorating your child’s room is always a unique task.

The goal is to infuse the décor with a fresh, youthful spirit while not overlooking the functional components. These kids bedroom design ideas can assist you in creating a lovely and useful hideaway where your child will enjoy spending time.

Creating a space for your small one to play and grow can and should be an enjoyable experience. However, it can also be a difficult task. After all, creating a beautiful, functional room that your child will enjoy now and in the future is a hard task! 

  • Play with colours while designing kids bedrooms 

Colors have a magical effect on a child’s room, giving it a classic and old vibe. Children nowadays choose white, which is also more fashionable. Parents can also choose a light green, which is now fashionable. Essentially, a youngster will choose a colour based on what they see in their environment.

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The colour scheme for a children bedroom should be unique. The kids adore bright colours like yellow, red, and blue, which keep them energized and active throughout the day. Your children will enjoy playing and studying more in a space with vivid colours.

Color is appealing to children, but selecting the appropriate one can be difficult. The fact that your child is currently fascinated with all things hot pink does not guarantee that they will continue to be so in the future. The thought of repainting the entire room in a few short years should lead anyone to reevaluate their colour commitment.

  • Storage area not to forget while designing a kids rooms

handy storage ( open shelves) -Your child’s hobbies will change as he or she grows older, but one thing is certain: he or she will have a lot of things! As a result, the room should be planned for years, and the most important thing is to leave as much open space as possible.

Furniture should not take up all available space; storage space is essential for toys, books, and other strange items that children frequently possess. Consider using hangers and furniture with built-in storage to maximize storage space.

kids bedroom design ideas - storage

People who have kids have a lot of things, from toys and games to books and clothes in different sizes. Hooks, wall-hanging book shelves, under-the-bed storage boxes, and furniture that comes with built-in storage are all great ways to store things.

For your child’s room, open shelves are an excellent storage option. They enable you showcase various décor pieces in the room while keeping things out of reach of younger children.

They also take up very little room because they are not on the floor. You can be creative with how you position the shelves, stacking them in staggered patterns to give interest to your walls.

Keeping up space for storage is one of the important aspect to consider while designing kids bedrooms.

  • Cozy space (canopy) 

From time to time, we all need to get away. With a reading nook, you’ll be able to spend some quality time with your child while also encouraging them to curl up and read!

This quaint nook provides everything you’ll need to pass a rainy day indoors. Take a minute to yourself or invite a friend to join you. 

Cute canopies are a simple and entertaining way to brighten up your child’s room. Make canopies out of pastel colors and add relaxing lighting to complete the look.

Your child can utilize the canopy as a reading or napping area. To make the space feel more cozy and comfortable, layer pillows, blankets.

  • Toys and collection ( play space)

Toys are extremely valuable to children. Show off your child’s toys in the best light possible. The room will take on the appearance of a children’s room as a result of this.

Even after they outgrow daily play, children value their toys. That’s when you may make a display that recognizes the importance of their items, putting stuffed animals and toys in a dedicated yet neat out-of-reach location.

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Try focusing on what your child enjoys the most when designing a room for them: playing!

An indoor swing, a ball pit, and an unique house-frame bed are among the amenities.

Do you want to make your design a little more whimsical? Consider a chalk wall or an easily updated art gallery where your youngster can show off their best work and receive praise.

Cargo nets hung from the ceiling, rock climbing walls, bunk bed slides, and other play structures are excellent methods to encourage children to play and burn off surplus energy before sleep.

What could be more useful than a chalkboard? A wall covered in chalkboard paint! This inexpensive addition to your child’s bedroom will allow them to express their creativity while also having fun.

They’ll scrawl on the walls no matter how frightening your glares are. So, instead of fearing a time-out, why not purchase a blackboard wall where your kids can let their imaginations run wild? They’ll have a good time, and you’ll have peace of mind.

  • Wallpaper with  graphics are one of the best kids bedroom design ideas 

A lot of it is likely due to pattern and texture.

These essential decorating items, which are often overlooked, are a competent designer’s hidden weapon and can transform a place from dull to gorgeous with just a few new elements.

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Adding images to your child’s room can be done in a variety of ways, including wallpaper, decals, and plain old paint and brush. Graphics give vibrancy to a space, and depending on the method you use, they can also meet a variety of budgets.

Choose a bright colour scheme and include some of your child’s favourites motifs, animals, or cartoon figures. However, children grow up quickly, and their tastes change as well. So choose something that won’t make you seem bad in a year or two.

  • Display kid work –

This is one of the most effective ways to design child’s room while also boosting his or her self-esteem. Hang your child’s artwork in the room to give it a nice look if he or she enjoys art.

Instead, use your child’s artwork to fill a blank wall. If you want to change up the display frequently, install a large corkboard, or frame and hang your favourites pieces for a more permanent option. Your child will be delighted to see his or her own work on display.

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Prints are a great way to add colour to a white room, but they may be expensive. Why not decorate child’s room with their artwork?

Create a cost-effective gallery wall by framing and hanging their favourites drawings. Not only will it give a dash of colour to the space at a low cost, but your youngster will be ecstatic to see their work shown in a gallery.

  • Display what u have-

Install inexpensive shelves and decorate it with pieces you already have instead of purchasing expensive artwork to fill a wide, blank wall.

A wall of wood hexagon shelves in this kid’s sitting room is stacked with children’s books, stuffed animals, toys, and little houseplants.

Choose your favourites items to show and arrange them in a balanced manner. Make something special out of everyday items.

There are many items that are almost unsuitable for a home. Those items would be ideal for decorating a children’s room. Make a hanging rail out of an old wooden ladder, taking in mind your children’s preferences.

Place your children’s toys on old blankets in a specific manner. Make use of your ineffective items in this way to give your children’s room a royal appearance.

  • Update the old furniture-

A fresh coat of paint may breathe new life into worn, outdated furniture. It’s less expensive than painting a full room, yet it has the same effect. For a kid-friendly approach, choose a vibrant colour like the coral colour of this dresser.

Your child’s tastes will evolve as they grow older, but that doesn’t mean you have to replace their old desk every time their colour preference shifts.

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If you have a few paint brushes hanging around the home, get some paint sample pots and give an old desk a new lease on life. To produce an ombre effect, swirl a small amount of white paint into the original colour to create a colour gradient.

Don’t trash out a useful piece of furniture; instead, give it a facelift and a new use. By upcycling an old or dull chest of drawers with paint and Washi tape, you can give it a new look for a child’s room.

Layers of brilliant colour and design may instantly bring a child’s room to life. An upcycled storage container adds a lot of character to a room.