5 essential home improvement tools for homeowners

5 essential home improvement tools to keep you handy around the house

Several unexpected changes have occurred in our lives in the last two years due to COVID -19, including more time at home. With all that additional time on our hands, we are finding creative ways to spend it, such as fixing things around the house.

If you have the right equipment, you can fix various common house issues, such as leaking faucets, misaligned cabinetry, and stuck doors and windows, among others.

It all starts with identifying the basic & essential home improvement tools that every homeowner should have, which you can expand upon as needed for specific tasks. 

Read on for the five essential home improvement tools you should have in your home for home repair and maintenance, whether you are moving into your first home or want to be sure you have all you need.

  • Hammer

Hammer - A essential home improvement tool

A hammer may appear to be a basic tool, but you will find yourself using it frequently, whether to hang a calendar on the wall, build a birdhouse, or repair siding on your home. There are different varieties of hammers, and each type is designed for a specific task.

A claw hammer is frequently recommended for Do It Yourself activities like pounding nails for ready-to-assemble furniture sets or hanging wall art. The front part is used to hit the nails in the object, and the backside allows you to pull nails out as needed. 

  • Level tool

Level tool - A essential home improvement tool

A level tool is a necessary measuring tool when constructing or repairing anything with a flat surface. The use of a level tool will assist you in ensuring that your work is on level, whether it is horizontal or vertical. This means no more slanted cabinets or shelves.

You can use a level tool to measure and fix leveling issues while adding shelves, carpeting, or picture frames to your room. It eliminates the guesswork of whether the items are installed in the correct straight line or not.

Level tools are of various types with varying functionality and features. Some typical level tools are spirit level, bubble level, laser level, etc.

  • Measuring Tape

Measuring tape - A essential home improvement tool

A precise measurement is required for almost every job, from something as basic as hanging a picture to more complex renovation projects of varying degrees of complexity. You must take care to ensure that your measurements are precise at all times. To save yourself time and money, even if you think you can “eyeball it,” it is best to confirm using a measuring tape.

The type of material used to make a measuring tape defines its category. A self-retracting metal tape measure is a must for the majority of home repair projects. 

As an alternative, you can use a plastic one that is less sturdy, but it makes it more challenging to deal with if you are doing the measurements on your own. A measuring tape that displays both inches and centimeters is a must.

The most often used home improvement tool in every toolbox is a 25-foot long tape measure, which can be utilized for a wide variety of home repair and home improvement projects.

  • Drilling machine

Drill - A essential home improvement tool

A drill or drilling machine is a powerful tool to make holes in any hard surface or substance like a wall, wood, metal, etc. As per project requirements, different drill bits can be used. A drilling machine has setting adjustments to fit various drill bits in the same machine.

There are various types of drills available in the market as per project requirements. We specifically need a handy drilling machine which can be carried and used for small level drilling works. Some drills are manual, and some require an electric power supply to function and are also called power drills. 

  • Screwdriver Set 

Screwdriver set - A essential home improvement tool

Screwdrivers are a helpful item to have on hand. You will need them for minor repairs and jobs like changing light bulbs or tightening loose hardware, as well as for home renovation activities.

Screwdrivers come in all shapes and sizes these days, so that you will need more than just one or two. It is a fantastic idea to have a complete set of individual screwdrivers, but for most simple jobs, a multi-bit model will be enough. 

A multi-bit screwdriver, as opposed to a regular screwdriver, includes an interchangeable head that enables the addition and removal of replaceable bits. All of these bits may be found in the handle of the screwdriver, allowing you to adapt it to whatever type of screw you encounter.


If you are a homeowner or a person who likes to fix things at home, you will need some basic & essential home improvement tools like a hammer, level tool, measuring tape, drilling machine, screwdriver set, etc. Those hardware tools are helpful for home repair and home maintenance.